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Heylol is a video messenger that brings the world closer together.

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Too many silly videos you're laughing at with your friends? Being connected to data that makes us smile increases positive energy daily! Instead of searching for the right funny video to make yourself or someone else happy, use Heylol, a fast app that collects best of them in one place. Who doesn't love to break the everyday routine with a good, instant joke? Join the community of strong vibes and enjoy infinite scrolling hours. Sharing a viral video with your people will become the most favorite habit you ever had!


More than sneakers, sunglasses or music you listen to, sense for humor defines you in the crew! Create a personalized profile to always have in track shared videos, followers, and upwotes. Other Heylol users will be able to see the collection of what made you smile, message you and be inspired with what you saw. Follow easy steps and become a part of a community that never sleeps! The best thing about making a profile is numerous amount of viral content on a daily basis.


What is a joke if you haven't told it to a friend yet? Start new groups and trends, easy as clicking the button in the corner! Spread the most ridiculous videos with the ones who'll laugh the same way you did. With chat preview and the possibility to create many groups, interacting with followers is quick and endures the fun. Select adorable crew and put them into private chats... that's when the good vibe hits! Start an endless circle of having a great time.

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Instead of sharing, Heylol can be used also as a communication channel, with one perfect thing to have in common: good taste for incredibly good content! Talking about Youtubers, influencers and trends around the internet has never been easier! Marking this app as a spot for a dose of pure happiness, small talks with mates with come along. Dive into a different way of spending your free time and do it with a lot of passion in Heylol fast-growing community. What are you waiting for? While you are reading this, thousands of people are already laughing off ☺

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