Heylol: creating authentic connections

Heylol is a video messenger app that brings influencers and fans closer together.

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Are you looking for some positive energy and a new crew of friends? - Heylol is your app! We source the dankest video content on the web so you can watch it, scroll infinitely for hours, or share it with your people. Remember to share your vibes with your Fam and glow up their day with hilarious content. Scroll for pranks, hilarious, awe-inspiring videos when you feel low-key or high-key - it doesn’t matter!


No more need for perfect visuals or algorithm crazies. Create the most authentic feed with your ‘come as you are’ profile. Heylol is the app for REAL people with REAL experiences. Dude, upload your memories and have a chill day because those who watch it are there for YOU! Be careful, though. You can become famous with millions of followers to chat with if you are too real, bro!


Saw Rihanna’s new single that slaps so hard? Share it in a group. That joke you felt like it was inappropriate to share at the dinner table? - Here is a place for it! Heylol group chats are between you and your followers. No aliens allowed. We are way past that phase when you are thinking - will this be cool. With your peeps, all is cool. All is good. Select your circles and create private chats, rolling on with good vibes. Break it down by social networks, fam, or environmental groups - your call. .


How do you spend your free time? Yes, we said it. Heylol is all about style! Communication goes a long way when you are on the same page. Have a crew of fans you would love to chat with in private? Not just comment on Live? Here is your place! Invite like-minded people who adore what you do and how you influence your world - and share that love. You can now chat about your passion with people who get it all day long. Open the Heylol app for a short dose of happiness and see your peeps reciprocate!

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